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We’re your first electronic transactions system, offering a fast and simple way to deal with all your everyday needs! We make sure to give you the best deals and most cash back for every transaction. We’re your wallet, the way you’ve always wanted it to be!

Our idea started where we realised there was a blind spot in the market: there is no application that finds solutions for the consumer’s basic needs and enables payment for everything directly on the platform, easily and quickly. That’s how MyApp was created, the app that finds the best solution for your needs, and all the products you want, letting you pay for them directly and rewarding you with the best offers and cash back available! Our vision is to create an application that focuses on each individual client so that they can organize their life in the quickest, simplest, most efficient and profitable way. Through MyApp you can organize payments, learn about news and deals that interest you, and find everything you might need for your house, health, food, and fun. You can also book trips, and much more. In short, everything you need, in one app!






Order online, book a table for dinner with your friends, or find the best recipes for cooking at home!


Book airplane or ferry tickets, rent a car, find a taxi or a gas station, all with the best offers out there.

Everyday Needs

This is where you’ll find everything you need for your house, your car and phone service, even online supermarkets and pet shops.


Everything for your health needs! Find doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, gyms and online pharmacies, in a single click!

Beauty & Body

Treat yourself, you deserve it! Haircuts, nailcare, barbershops, massages and much more, just a click away!


Make new memories all over the world! Find hotels, houses, boats/yachts and anything you can think of to make your vacations unforgettable.


Pay all your bills in a single app! Organize your payments quickly and simply.


Find the best E-Shops for clothing, the latest tech, and baby products. We’ve chosen the best E-Shops in the market with the best cash back just for you!


Play on the best Greek betting sites with the best odds in the market and get cash backs from your bets! You’ll also find pre-game analysis and tips from the best right here!


Find cinemas, theaters, bars, restaurants and coffee shops, all located on a map. Organize your entertainment without breaking a sweat!

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